Hostel Rules


The IHM Gents and Ladies Hostel, called “The Residence” are situated in two separated blocks in the campus of institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition, Sector 42-D, Chandigarh.

The hostel accommodation is given purely o merit basis. It is a privilege offered on the basis of merit of each applicant. The application for admission should be addressed to the principal and submitted in the office. Prescribed application forms will be given at the time of admission, which are to be filled and signed by the parents and the local guardians.

The management insist that the students from outside Chandigarh seeking admission in the hostel have a local guardian. The residence committee duly constituted by the principal would, therefore, like to interview the candidates with their parents and local guardians as it provides us an opportunity to:

  1. Screen each residence admission case in detail.
  2. Meet parents to have a great understanding of a candidate’s family background.
  3. Be introduced to local guardians by parents, who are placing their trust in management.
  4. Make the candidate, parents and local guardian fully conversant with the rules and regulations of The Residence.
  5. Take the final decision in allotment of accommodation.

The lists of successful candidates will be put up on the notice board on the following day of admission. The decision of The Institute Residence Admission Committee is final, the candidates are required to deposit the Residence fee within two days of display of the list.


Residence committee will constitute as under:

  1. Principal – Chairman of the committee.
  2. Wardens of both the hostels.
  3. Senior faculty of the institute.
  4. Administrative officer of the institute


The fee and hostel charges shall be notified separately.


In case of withdrawal within a month from the date of admission in the Hostel 50% of the total fee will be refunded by the institute. No fee will, however, be refunded, except hostel security, if admission in the hostel is withdrawn after 30 days on any ground what so ever.


The first year, second year and third year students are accommodated in triple bed rooms. Common bathrooms are provided to each set of rooms on a floor.

Each hosteller will be provided with a bed, study table, and a chair. Water coolers are provided on each floor and geysers in each common bathroom. The Hostellers are required to bring the following items of their own:

  1. Bedding-mattress, quilt/blankets, bed sheets and pillow.
  2. Mosquito net, if required.
  3. Full length curtains for 3 windows preferably light blue colour to maintain uniformity.
  4. One table cloth.
  5. Two locks preferably with 3 keys each.


Two Common lounges are provided – one each for gents and ladies for contemplative relaxation.


WEEKDAYS 7.00 A.M ——– 9.00 A.M

5.00 P.M ——– 9.00 P.M


One lounge is equipped a television. Various leading newspapers and magazines are also provided. This lounge is also the place where parents and local guardians can meet their wards. The open courtyard is provided which can be utilised for indoor games and functions.


Meals will be served in the dining hall. There will be a common menu as we expect our students used to the diverse food habits which is part of their training at the institute. However, special foods can be provided to a hosteller who is indisposed, only on the written permission from the hostel warden.

The timings for the meals shall be strictly adhering to as under:

Breakfast 8.00 A.M. To 8.30.A.M.

Lunch 1.00 P.M. To 2.00.P.M.

Evening Tea 5.15 P.M. To 5.45.P.M.

Dinner 8.00 P.M. To 8.30.P.M.


Medical facilities can be extended as per the emergency. However, the doctor is available, in the institute on each working day between 1 P.M. to 2 P.M. A first aid box is also available in the hostel. In case of infectious diseases and other serious illness, the students are sent to their local guardians so as to save other hostellers from the illness.


  1. The hostellers suffering from serious illness can be allowed to leave the hostel on the advice of the Institute’s doctor, who will be provided a medical certificate.
  2. The hostellers can be granted leave on the written request of parents/ guardians. The period will not exceed seven days at a time.
  3. The hostellers are entitled to weekend passes. The duration of such passes are from Saturday evening to Sunday evening i.e., 7.00 PM
  4. Two late night passes are allowed in a month on discretions of the unit. Late night passes shall be valid up to 9 P.M. The hostellers who leave the Institute after study hours must return to the hostel by 8PM (Boys) and (girls).
  5. For all hostel residents general permission from the parents in writing at the time of admission will be necessary for availing of the above mentioned facilities.
  6. Students will not be allowed to enter hostel after 7.00 pm. when they are returning back to hostel after leaves without prior permission.
  7. Student returning after leave must submit unauthorized for same duly signed by their parents.


The Safety and security of the hostellers is a prime concern. The Institute also values a level of conduct amongst the hosteller to inculcate a sense of responsibility and belongingness to the Institute campus “family”. The Institute has framed the following rules to facilitate the above objectives

  1. All the hostellers are expected to be in their rooms at the time of roll call. Roll call will be taken at 9:30 P.M. all the hostlers should be in their respective rooms by that time and thereafter. The hostler should respect the privacy of others and not visit each other’s room at odd hours or disturb each other especially after the roll call. No hostler shall be allowed to leave the residence after 9 P.M. request for weekend passes and late night passes should be made in the morning before lunch. If an hostler returns after the prescribed time limit, he will be liable to strict disciplinary action. The hostler returning after availing of the late night passes should make the entries in the register available with the security guard at the gate. Any violation the above mentioned rules shall be sternly viewed.

  2. Hostel students should be as economical as far as possible in the use of water and electricity Lights should not be kept on, fans running or taps flowing unnecessarily. To maintain safety and clean surroundings cooking of any kind is strictly prohibited in the hostel rooms. Therefore, the hostellers are not permitted to keep heaters, stoves or any other electrical gadgets in their rooms.Record players and stereos are not allowed as they cause noise pollution and disturbance to other hostel residents. However, battery operated transistors are permitted in the Residence but volume must be kept low Hostellers should not meddle with electrical or other fittings.
  3. The Institute value cleanliness and sobriety. Pin-ups and posters are, therefore, not permitted to be pasted on walls, doors, or windows of the hostel rooms. Verandahs or bathrooms nothing should be written or inscribed on the walls, windows or on the doors. Violators are liable to be punished.
  4. The hostellers should be properly dressed when they go for their meals. Anyone who is improperly dressed such as in their night-suits, shorts or dirty dresses shall not be allowed to enter the dining hall.
  5. No mess rebate is allowed to any hosteller going on leave or during holidays as the food provided is highly subsidized.
  6. Consumption of alcoholic drinks or intoxicant drugs is strictly prohibited in the hostel. Anybody coming drunk or doped from outside shall be liable for expulsion from the hostel.
  7. Gambling of any sort is strictly prohibited. Stern action will be taken against the defaulters

  8. Ragging has a psychological effect on student and at times discourages them from continuing the course. Therefore, strict disciplinary action even amounting to expulsion shall be taken if anybody is reported to or caught ragging any fresher. It’s a criminal offence as per the ruling of Supreme Court.

  9. Since it is a prime concern to provide calm, quiet, serene and congenial atmosphere, the Institute will not tolerate any cat-calls, shouts, whistling, group singing etc, during day-time or at mid-night. Hostellers indulging in above mentioned activities are liable for strict disciplinary action.

  10. To inculcate a sense of respect for the Institute’s property, hostellers will be charged for damage done to the Residence property. Should the Institute not identify a hosteller directly, the entire Residence community would have to share the cost.
  11. Hostellers are generally advised not to keep scooters and motor cycles. However, should students prefer to maintain their own vehicle an undertaking is required from parents absolving the Institute from any liability against accidents and theft.
  12. Washed clothes should not be dried in the verandas. The wet clothes may be dried in the common room.
  13. Hostellers are advised to be properly dressed in public areas.
  14. Hostellers are required to vacate their rooms within 24 hrs. Of the last exam. It they are interested to avail of Residence facilities in the following session, they should submit a fresh application to this effect, and otherwise it will be assumed that they do not want to avail of such facilities of institute.
  15. Students receding in the residence in the term preceding the one in which admission is sought are ordinarily given preference when allotting the rooms provided their conduct, character and behaviour in the residence have been found satisfactory. If a hostler is detained because of shortage of attendance or poor in course assessment, he may not be given admission in the residence in the following session.
  16. Hostellers are not permitted to undertake part time jobs or to do unofficial waiting etc.
  17. The visitors or relatives may be entertained only in the lounge during visiting hours. Hostess should parents, relatives and friends about the visiting hours, the time during which the lounge is open. They are not permitted to entertain any day scholar or outsider or relatives what so ever in their rooms. It would be prudent to restrict the visit of friends to keep safety and exclusivity in our campus.The Warden is fully empowered to enforce the above-mentioned rules and to take disciplinary de consultation with the PrincipalAny violation to the said rules will invoke disciplinary proceedings, including expulsion from the Residence at any time of the yearAll the hostlers going out of hostel for any reasons need to enter their name, room number, leaving time and other details, personally in respective registers.