Kitchen Club Services

“FEED THE PLANET” The motto of our Kitchen club drives and inspires students to garner sustainable food practices through their skills and encourage them to fulfil their dreams and achieve higher goals in professional life. The kitchen club is a great experience where we get to learn and explore. It is a platform where students learn different techniques and different varieties of dishes from appetizers to desserts including the presentation of the dish. It helps them to bring out their creativity, boost their self esteem and give them confidence to work as team. It provides them a good atmosphere where they get to learn how to plan things and enhance their skills.
Each student gets equal opportunity to work and learn as a team. Every student in this team is expected to follow some basic rules of the kitchen which includes to be punctual and is required to maintain proper grooming and hygienic standards. They should have full commitment and dedication to their work. it is a collective effort of the students where they get acknowledged of their work .
Members of the kitchen club are also awarded and honoured with prizes and certificates .Also the uniform of the kitchen club makes them different from all. Various types of events like rose fest, food fest, fresher’s party, Chandigarh carnival, BOG meetings, farewell , teachers day, annual functions and other theme events etc.are organised where students sum up together as a team and work with different and latest equipments which helps them to enhance their knowledge. The students gets highly trained in these 3years that they can get easily selected in the top hotels worldwide and also can start-up their own business.