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What is a critical response?

The decisive response helps to identify students ‘ cognitive skills or, rather, teach them how to design them first. The arguments you think should reflect your personal beliefs, not what you’ve read elsewhere. It should be both a summary of the main points of the author and a response to ideas that presuppose your understanding of the context

A critical response requires that you analyze a factual or fictitional source, and then you must present your comment. The first thing you should do when you write this type of essay is a summary of what you are analyzing. Professional essay writers Best essay writers. To do this, it is necessary to clearly define the basic ideas of the book, on the basis of which you will base your conclusions before you get the actual record

If you select the book/article for essay critical responses, find something that is not only informative, but also an argument about the subject of your paper

To better understand the book, read it at least three times-it will make it easier to select the main points of the writer and will be very useful when editing the paragraphs of the body

This won’t happen until you’ve read your source several times, that you can start writing your own essay, which usually consists of an introduction, a few paragraphs, and a conclusion

The critical answer, Essay, the structure is broken

Most of the critical answers to questions use such a structure, but the student will be much better able to follow the instructions of his teacher. Let’ s look at the basic structure that you can perform:

  • An introduction is a single paragraph expressing consent, dissent or mixed feelings
  • Summary-summary of key messages supported by examples or facts
  • A critique is a response or an assessment of the author’s work on the basis of the weight of his strengths and weaknesses
  • Organize the points from the majority to the least important
  • Decide whether the negative points will outweigh the positive, and if so, start with a positive, and work with the negative; otherwise, reverse the process
  • References-the sources that you could use

There are some basic rules that should follow when essays are written, so all he has is enough practice

How to start a critical response

Introduction. One of the most important parts of your essay. This is the first paragraph of your essay that introduces the reader to the subject and also contains a brief description of the essay and its author. In your statement, you should state your position on the author’s article, noting that you agree with her or agree with her

As the last sentence in the last paragraph, the thesis of an essay for a critical reaction is very important, as it provides the reader with important information about paper and a glimpse of the author’s assessment or opinion. Although this thesis may consist of several proposals, it should still indicate the basic ideas of the essay

Essay Body Critical Response Body

Each of the main points of the author should be explained in a separate paragraph and should be maintained for reasons that may be agreed or disagree with them. Let’ s look at some ways to achieve this:

  • No, or I disagree with you or the author (make sure you explain the reasons)
  • Yes, or I agree with you (explain the reason)

You can also use quotation marks to enter statements, such as:

  • The writer says, “
  • (name of the author), arguments or states, “”

Note that quotes should always be quoted. If you want your essay to conform to the formal requirements and look contemptable, make sure you use the author’s last name or write down their names in full

The critical answer is Essy Conclusion

The essay should have some sort of end or end in the essay, and the best way to do that is to rephrase your thesis using different words. In addition to reviewing the main ideas, your conclusion should also explain to the reader why you decided to write your essay in the first place, so you must include this information

Critical response questions

In addition to being able to analyze a critical response analytically, the student must understand the novel or the article they write about. You can select a subject for an entry in the list below, but remember that the response you provide must be critical

  • Drug use in sports
  • On the back of the fashion industry
  • Drug addiction among teenagers
  • Ways to reduce crime in city ghettos
  • Should former prisoners be allowed to re-enter society without prior rehabilitation?
  • Different ways of protecting the environment
  • How does technology change people’s lives? -(ALL IN A
  • Can crime be reduced through the application of stricter rules for controlling weapons?
  • Should the sale and production of cigarettes be prohibited at all?
  • These are behavioural patterns of children, raised in single-parent families, different from children who come from both parents ‘ home
  • It’s the worst movie I’ve ever seen in a movie



Skill Testing Programme- Housekeeping Utility List


STC 02 BATCH 02 ITBP -24-17-07-2023 to 22-07-2023

  1. FOOD PRODUCTION (BATCH 01) 06-06-2022 TO 11-06-2022   :     A) Candidate List           B) Photographs   

  2. HOUSEKEEPING UTILITY (BATCH 02) 24-11-2022 TO 30-11-2022 :    A) Candidate List        B) Photographs 
  3. HOUSEKEEPING UTILITY (BATCH 03) 06-02-2023 TO 11-02-2023 :  A) Candidate List        B) Photographs


  1. FOOD PRODUCTION ( BATCH 01 ITBP )-29-05-2023 to 23-06-2023         :  A) Candidate List           B) Photographs   
  2. FOOD PRODUCTION ( BATCH 02 ITBP )-24-17-07-2023 to 22-07-2023   :     A) Candidate List     B) Photographs