QFK Department

QFK (Quantity Food Kitchen) is used for students in order to prepare them to face the challenge of cooking for large groups and catering the wide variety of students representing different culinary zones of India. Quantity food production encompasses the preparation of large quantity of food items ranging from appetizers to curries, roasts, snacks, salads and sweets according to the nutritional value. The total area of the QFK is 1000 sq.ft. The latest equipments used in QFK are pulverizer, commercial potato peeler, four door refrigerator, hot plate, high pressure burners with stainless steel hood.
Its operation starts from 9AM and spreads till 2PM which includes mise-en-place, cooking and serving of food. The food is prepared by the students of third and fourth semester of B.Sc in (H&HA) according to the house count. It follows cyclic menu which consist of twenty different menus including vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations. After preparation of food the students are allocated the duties of food portioning in old building and new building dining hall which has capacity of 240 pax. It acts as a base kitchen for various festivals and events such as rose festival, Tej festival, fresher’s party, teacher’s day, farewell party etc. It also assists the institution in organizing the different food festivals based on different themes such as Rajasthani, Daman and Diu, Maharastrian etc.
QFK helps the student in exploring different varieties of food and to implement their own creative ideas during campus placement held in institution.